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Sokuzan: Portraits

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

In honor of my teacher's 81st Birthday, I have drawn three portrait pieces of Kyoun Sokuzan. These explore his expressive eyes and hands, as well as his wry grin and sense of humor at the edges of his penetrating gaze.


Ink on paper

Sokuzan - Sōtō Zen Monk of the Order of Immediate Light, and Abbot of SokukoJi Buddhist Temple Monastery, Battle Creek, MI.

Genso Boku-Undo Sumi Ink and pigments on Filipino Ivory Gampi Paper with Pearl.

Set on a floating frame, in glazed distressed black wood, under Conservation Glass.

(frame dimensions: 22"x29", 22"x29", 29"x22" respectively)

$1,500 each: sold separately.

From photography by James Landon Johnson, used by permission.

Giclée Prints are available through my on-line shop. Sizes: 5"x7" ($6.95), 11"x14"($19.95).

Proceeds from all print sales are being donated to SokukoJi Buddhist Community.

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