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The Creation and Destruction of Impermanence

Updated: Jan 8, 2023


Mixed Media on Paper

I started getting an idea for a new piece during a recent Meditation Retreat, spending 9 days alone, sitting in Zazen (Shikantaza) for 8 hours a day, and only reading one text, The Lotus Sutra. I was fascinated with the similarity between rings of a tree and the rings of a clock, and came up with this.

I combine elements from various clocks and watches, as well as the Astronomical Clock housed in St. Catherine Cathedral, in G'dansk, Poland, calculated and constructed in the 14th Century CE.

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1 Comment

Pamela Milley
Pamela Milley
Oct 05, 2022

Don, all of life is a circle, sunrise and sunset. Not my poetry but Harry Chapin's, The Earth keeps spinning round and round.. Time and space is an interesting notion, Einstein baffled over it for most of his life: what is time? An interesting porch discussion.

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