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Horned Owl in Flight

Ink & Acrylic Brushwork

 intangible, immaterial,
spiritual, moral

Website Design

Commissioned Art,
Media & Website Design

The Case of the Missing Ruby Pin

Mixed media

victorian, industrial, steam


Sumi Ink on Washi

portrait, picture,

Waterlily 1


elemental, nature, life force

Water Lillies

Ink/Acrylic on Paper/Canvas

bloom, bud, flourish, develop

No Mind Barrier

Sumi Ink Calligraphy

sutra, sign, mark,
code, emblem

CTAC (Petoskey)

Current & past shows

exhibit, view, display

Self-Portrait  _58

Artist profile

history, inspiration, journey

Waterlily 2 - Canvas Print

On-line Store

originals, posters, prints


Works in progress & process

intention, plan, design

Pao Shan & Sokuzan

Buddhist Temple Monastery

home, residency, zen center

Don Woodward Art

dba: Pǎo Shan Design

SokukoJi Buddhist Temple Monastery

33 Anderson Ct, Battle Creek, MI

cell: (269) 249-8768


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