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In this piece, I examine three aspects of time, impermanence, circularity, and perpetual motion.

4... "Time Mandalas" explores the overlapping vortexes of measured time;

3... "239 Pieces of Pie" examines human's creation of our own destruction: Plutonium-239 - the primary fissile isotope used in nuclear weapons.

2... "The Creation and Destruction of Impermanence." illustrates the rotation of a planet around a rotating star in a moving universe in the very fiber of a life-form, and the way in which another life-form (humanity) has created a rotating and circular artificial method of "measuring" this phenomenon.


Genso Boku-Undo Sumi Ink, Pigma pigment-based ink, gold, acrylic, watch parts on Nishinouchi White Nakaban 55g Handmade Heritage Washi, 100% Japanese kozo fiber. Floating, over black mat, in gold metal frame, under Museum Glass.

4... 3... 2... - A Triptych of Time

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